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How to setup Exchange email in Motorola Droid


To setup Exchange email, you will need to obtain the following information:
Server name - https://owa.chicagotech.net in our example
Domain name - chicagotech
Whether an encrypted (SSL) connection is required - yes
Your username and password


1. Touch the Application Menu.


2. Touch the Email




3. Type in the email address you would like to be displayed in outgoing mail, and the password. Check the box only if you want this to be your default email account. Touch Next.


4. Touch Exchange Account.


5. Enter the information such as username, password, Exchange Server, and Press Next to continue.
Tip: Do not select Accept all SSL certificates unless instructed by your IT admin.


6. Your phone starts to check the incoming server settings. If everything is correct the following screen will appear allowing you to customize your account settings.

7. Finally, you will be asked to name this account, and enter the name that will be displayed on outgoing messages. Touch Done when complete.



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